Watch box with 6 or 10 compartments

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Watch box for 6 or 10 pieces

Where do you store your precious items? Take a look at this wholesalers watch organizer and you will understand that question at once. A practical watch box with 6 compartiments specially made for the most common used wristband. Be careful with your your precious watches and don't put these in a drawer or at some area where these are not well protected. This watch organizer is specially designed to contain 6 or 10 items. The black cushions are elegant accents and also meant to protect your jewelry.

Order the watch box now in our wholesale

The watch organizer from our wholesaler is chic designed in leather and has a beautiful display. So, this watch organizer not only provides adequate protection, but it's also a nice accessoire to put down somewhere. For example, you could put this handy watch organizer on your bedside table as decoration. Do not wait any longer and protect your watches from dust, moisture and dirt. In the watch organizer these will last a lot longer, keep more beautiful and you will enjoy these even more. Is it not strange that we sometimes use a storage box for all kinds of less valuable goods and do not protect precious items? It is certainly not efficient and most unsensible. Take a good decision and order this watch box today.

Specifications of the watch box from our wholesale

The watch organizer from our wholesaler looks beautiful and is especially practical. You can choose from a 6 or 10-pocket watch box, so you always have enough room for your personal watches. Of course you can also add other jewelry, such as a bracelet or necklace.

  • Room for 6 or 10 pieces
  • With a beautiful display
  • Leather exterior
  • Protection against dust and dirt
  • Also beautiful as decoration
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