Whitening pen for tooth whitening

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Whitening pen for tooth whitening

A smile can make yourself and others happy and it is good to laugh a lot. Of course you want or like to have a beautiful smile. With this whitening pen from our wholesale company, it is very easy to get your teeth nice and white. The whitening pen contains a lot with whitening and you will see clearly the difference after one week already. So go for this model from our wholesale because you will achieve efficiently and quickly a good result in this way. You can effortless whiten your teeth and you do not have to undergo expensive treatment for this.


Order the whitening pen now in our wholesale

The whitening gel in this pen is based on active oxygen and this begins to work immediately if you are using the whitening pen from wholesalers. Using the pen for tooth whitening is not difficult. After brushing and flossing you'll apply a thin layer on your teeth. Keep your lips away from your teeth for 30 seconds. Relax your lips after this half minute. It is wise not to eat or drink for 30 minutes. After tooth whitening, you could be suffering from sensitive teeth, this is normal. This feeling doesn't stop or it feels irritated? Stop immediately with the teeth whitening. Also, avoid contact with eyes and keep the whitening pen out of reach of children.


Specifications of the Whitening pen from our wholesale

Are you going for those heartrending radiant smiles? We highly recommend the whitening pen from our wholesale. After a week the difference will be visible and your teeth will be much whiter than before. Teeth whitening has never been so easy.

  • Don't eat or drink during 30 minutes 
  • After about a week whiter teeth
  • In a convenient gel pen
  • Keep in a cool place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes
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