Wireless weather station with hygrometer and clock

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Wireless weather station with hygrometer and clock

People have always been fascinated by the weather. Not surprising of course, because the weather has so much impact on our daily lives. This wireless weather station from the wholesaler also will be an ideal tool for you to learn more about the weather. The weather station with hygrometer is provided with a wireless external receiver so the outdoor data can be used at a distance of up to 30 meters to give you an overview of the current weather.

Order wireless weather station in wholesale

Comparable to professional meteorologists, the changes in the outside circumstances will be used to make a weather forecast. A wireless weather station with external receiver is thus a valuable asset from which you can derive a lot of useful information. But this weather station with wireless external receiver and humidity meters from our wholesale even offers more functions. The indoor temperature is displayed and in addition there is a clock included which can also be used as an alarm clock with snooze option. The weather station is elegant in design and has a good visible display. The LCD screen is not only clear, but also uses colour. Thus, the temperature and humidity meters have a different colour compared to the date and time format. This wireless weather station really is an eye-catcher for every room. The weather station is powered by an adapter with USB connection. Also, the use of batteries is possible.

Characteristics of the wireless weather station from our wholesale

If you have plans to work a day in the garden, for example, it is important to know what the weather will do. This handy wireless weather station from our wholesale will give you the information needed to  take care of you your own forecast. The hygrometer shows exactly how much moisture there is in the air.

  • With wireless outdoor receiver
  • Fullcolour display
  • Hygrometer for indoor and outdoor
  • Thermometer
  • With time and date
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • USB or battery
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